Migrants in Brazil ‘gutted’ by US military deployment

June 18, 2021 0 Comments

MEXICO CITY – As a group of migrant workers in the Rio Grande Valley of northern Mexico, many of whom were already in desperate need of health care, were being told their health care was being transferred to US military bases.

But they had a twist.

On Thursday, they were told that they were being transferred from US military facilities in southern California to the capital of San Diego.

As they waited to hear the news, the workers held signs reading, “No more” and “No longer safe.”

The move comes as US President Donald Trump has ramped up a military presence in the United States, with the construction of military bases across the country and the opening of more than 100 military installations across the United State.

More than 70 percent of the 1.4 million migrants in the region have been in the US for at least a year.

The US has seen a record number of asylum applications during this period, with about 4.2 million of them filed.

Many migrants are now fearful of their health, with some reporting that their health insurance premiums have risen and their medication costs have skyrocketed.

They are also angry about what they see as a pattern of negligence from the US military.

Migrant workers in San Diego said they had received no information on their health or conditions.

They also said they have not been able to see their doctor.

Many are still waiting to hear what will happen to them after they leave the US, when they will be allowed to apply for asylum.

But in a sign of the desperation that has gripped the region, a group from Honduras called the Honduran Federation of Migrant Workers said Thursday that they are already in San Jose.

They said that they had been told that all their health conditions will be checked in San Francisco before they are moved to the US.

The Honduran federation said they are waiting to learn if the US will move their workers to San Diego to take their case.

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