NSW steel pipe factory closing due to lack of workers

July 18, 2021 0 Comments

Posted December 04, 2018 08:23:03A steel pipe manufacturer is closing its doors in Sydney after two years of suffering the consequences of a severe manufacturing shutdown.

The steel pipe company Steel Pipe, which has operated in Sydney’s inner west since 1999, said it was closing its factory in the eastern suburbs of Pitt Street and the eastern end of Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

Key points:The closure will affect about 1,500 workers at the plantSteel Pipe is a major supplier to Australia’s major manufacturing companiesSteel Pipe manufactures more than 4,000 tonnes of steel each yearThe plant is owned by steel pipe firm KPMGSteel Pipe was the first steel pipe manufacturing facility in Australia to close in 2001Steel Pipe said it would be able to continue producing its products at the Pitt Street factory until December 20Steel Pipe’s closure is part of a trend in the Australian manufacturing industry of factory closures, as workers find it difficult to find work and are forced to rely on family and friends to help them.

Key point:Steel Pipe says it will be able start to produce its products again at the site of the Pitt street factory in DecemberSteel Pipe president Ian Capp said it had faced problems with the supply chain, which it was working with the Australian government to fix.

“The supplier has been unable to meet our expectations.

We’ve been forced to lay off 2,000 people, the plant’s capacity is down to around 1,000, we’ve been unable, we need a lot of people to work on it.

We have been unable because we are unable to provide the quality we want,” Mr Capp told reporters in Sydney on Monday.

Steel Pipe has been the largest steel pipe maker in Australia since the company was founded in 1997, but it has struggled to attract workers as it has faced challenges with supply chain issues.

Steel pipe plant in Pitt Street, eastern Sydney.(Supplied: Steel Pipe)”We’ve had two factories closed, and there’s not been enough workers to fill those places.

So the factory will be shut down and the workers will be laid off in December,” Mr Bays said.”

We are a small company with one person working for us, but we’ve got about 2,500 people working for the company, so we’re not the only one in the industry struggling to get the right people in.”

Steel Pipe chief executive Ian Capps said the plant would remain open.

“Steel Pipe will be operating at the location we have today,” Mr Papp said.

Steel pipes production, which was started in 2001, was to peak in 2019 but production has been slowed down by tight budgeting, and the impact of the global financial crisis.

“It is no secret that the steel pipe industry is struggling.

There are very few jobs in the steel pipes industry in Australia and a very small number of skilled workers to provide quality jobs,” Mr Kowalczyk said.

Mr Capp defended the company’s management, saying it was not a perfect operation and it had not been successful in providing workers with a high quality work environment.

“At the end of the day, Steel Pipe has worked with the government for over 20 years, we have worked with them for many years, and we know what they are looking for, and that is quality workers,” he said.

The company has had a long history in Sydney, with Steel Pipe opening its first plant in Bondi in 1988.

Mr Kowalski said he was happy to see the closure of the plant.

“They’ve made some good investments.

It is a great loss for the steel industry,” he told news.com.au.”

For them to be forced to close it’s an investment that they could have made a long time ago.

It’s a shame.”

Mr Capps would not give a timeline for when the plant could resume production, but he said he expected to see workers returned to the plant in December.

“Our customers will have a lot more opportunities,” he added.

“There are people in the office who will be coming back into the office, and those people will be trained to do that job again.”

People will be looking for jobs again, and I’m sure the steel workers will have opportunities.

“Mr Kramnick said the company had invested heavily in training its staff to handle a tough labour market, and he welcomed the company returning to business.”

That’s the way the industry should work.

The steel industry should be in business,” he, said.

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