Steel pipe distributor to replace sink pipe with new pipe, TOSCELIK

July 21, 2021 0 Comments

The Tennessee Valley Authority, which owns and operates the state’s largest and most powerful electrical utility, plans to replace the main sink pipe on the Tennessee River with a new one to replace a pipe distributor’s aging steel pipe that was used to provide power to the city of Chattanooga.

A utility official confirmed to the Associated Press that TVAs chief operating officer Mike Smith will lead the replacement of the main, or “main conduit,” sink pipe and the new pipe distributor.TSA spokeswoman Laura Anderson said in an email that the new pipes will be about 10 inches (25 centimeters) long and will be welded together at the same time.

The old pipes will have been welded into place.

The TSA also will replace the pipe distributor pipe and some of the other components on the plant.

The TVAA will spend $9.7 million replacing the old pipe, which is about 1.5 miles (2.8 kilometers) long.

The utility’s previous plant, which opened in the early 1990s, had a capacity of 1.4 million kilowatts.

The pipe replacement will occur in phases, with the pipe being replaced first and the distributor piping installed later, TVAS spokeswoman Laura Withers said in a statement.

The pipe is expected to be ready for the installation of the new conduit sometime in the next few months, TSA spokeswoman Anderson said.

The utility was planning to buy another 1,600 tons of the old steel pipe in December.

The replacement of that pipe will be completed in March 2019.

The Tennessee Valley’s pipe system is one of the most extensive in the nation, with about 1,200 miles of pipe and about 7,000 pipes for electric transmission and distribution.

The pipes are manufactured by a company called Tennessee Valley Pipe and Plumbing Co., based in Nashville.TVAS officials have said that they will not replace the current pipes for several years.

The agency did buy a pipe that had been in service since the late 1980s, but that pipe is now obsolete and could not be replaced.

Travis Williams, who is helping oversee the replacement project, said that the old pipes were “the only thing holding it together” and were “a lot of money in the system.”

Williams said the pipes are used in a variety of industries, including steel pipe and asphalt pipe.

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