How to get your nails sharp and ready for the winter season

It’s the cold weather, the snow, the rain, the heat, the cold.

It’s all just the stuff that makes us a resilient people.

But the next few weeks will see the return of the winter in Spokane. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs in the Spokane metro area will fall to 7,818 from 12,942. 

The number of households that are home with no heating will drop to 14,902 from 17,946. 

And, according to the BLS, Spokane is projected to have a $10.6 billion deficit in the upcoming fiscal year. 

It is estimated that these types of numbers, combined with the predicted decline in the state’s economy, will drive Spokane’s already shrinking tax base to a point that is beyond any measure of comfort for many residents. 

In addition to the loss of tax revenue due to these numbers, it will take a large number of workers and businesses to pay for the maintenance of these infrastructure projects. 

So, as the state of Spokane looks to its future, many people in the area have already taken a step back from the hustle and bustle of the city in order to prepare for the cold months ahead. 

“We’ve been dealing with these numbers for the last six months,” said Spokane resident Kelly Tatum, a member of the Spokane City Council.

“There are so many people on the fence, it’s not even fair to call it winter anymore. 

But the reality is that it’s a very difficult winter to be out there.” 

“I am going to be very worried for the next six months, because the things that I know and have seen happen are happening in Spokane,” said resident Mike Tatum.

“I have no idea what is going to happen to my house.” According to the BLS on February 25, the Fence Wall and the Buckhorn Bridge will be down for three weeks. 

Construction crews will also begin tearing down some of the fence posts and buses will begin removing the fencing. 

While the state and city officials say the work is not expected to impact public safety, the estimated loss of jobs will have a significant impact on the Spokane economy. 

More than $1.4 million in construction costs are estimated to be paid out in tax revenue from these projects.

A $500,000 budget estimate from the city says that the fence will likely cost $10 million to $12 million. 

A few weeks ago, Brent Thompson, director of economic development for the Spokane Economic Development Corp. said the city was looking at cutting back on its investments in the fence system. 

Thompson said that, “We are very concerned about the impact on our tax base.” 

But, Thompson says the city is committed to paying the costs associated with these fence projects.

“I think it’s very difficult to predict with any certainty, but I think it is a concern for us,” said Thompson. 

Despite the lack of information, there are still some who are not sure what the future holds for the city. 

On February 24, Kelsey Clements, director of the Washington State Council of Governments, said the legislature was considering legislation that would create a $300 million equity fund to help pay for these fence upgrades. 

State Sen. Jeff Kaufmann, a Republican, has been working to secure the funds, and his campaign website lists his intention to create a fund that would provide the funds. 

Kaufmann has not yet released any details on the funding plan, but his campaign has suggested the state would receive $400 million in additional funding from the state to help pay for the fence projects. 

There have been many calls for a more active role from residents and businesses in the community, including groups like the Spokane Chamber of Commerce, which is promoting a rally to help raise funds for the fence. 

At the Fencing Wall reception, a woman named Jennifer Tatum said she has no idea what will happen to her house, as well as the safety of her family. 

Tatum said she can’t imagine what kind of damage this will do. She said it will be the worst winter she has ever seen. 

If I had to guess, she said she wouldnt want to live in Spokane anymore.

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