When the internet is like a water cooler, you have to be prepared

When a water-cooler is the only place to chill your beer, it can be pretty lonely.

And the internet can’t help but be a place for chillouts, too.

There are so many places online where you can chill out, whether it’s your favorite subreddit or your favorite podcast, you’re bound to stumble upon a few.

We’ve rounded up a list of the most popular chillout places in the world, with the best bars and chillout spots around the world.


The Hacienda Hotel in Barcelona, Spain, hosts a lot of chillout events 2.

The House of Blues in New Orleans, LA, hosts many chillout parties 3.

The St. Vrain House in Nashville, TN hosts several chillout nights a week 4.

The GigaBike in Los Angeles hosts a chillout on Saturday nights, but you have access to a pool, indoor swimming pool, and the most stunning pool in town 5.

The T-Mobile Lounge in Dallas hosts many different types of chillouts including “a great mix of traditional and modern,” according to its Facebook page 6.

The Hotel España in Barcelona hosts many hangout nights every week 7.

The Oasis in London hosts many events each year 8.

The Blue Lagoon in Seattle hosts many cool chillout weekends 9.

The Grand Hyatt in Tokyo hosts many free-flowing chillout gatherings 10.

The Wetherspoons in New York City hosts a number of chill out nights each year 11.

The White Owl in Los Gatos, California hosts a few chillout sessions every weekend 12.

The Aloft in Los Ingobernables, Spain hosts several different types on a Saturday night each week 13.

The Bier Bar in Portland, Oregon hosts a variety of chillup events each month 14.

The Spree in Berlin hosts a great variety of events each night 15.

The Red Room in New Delhi hosts several types of chilledout events 16.

The Viglo in Madrid hosts many parties on a Sunday each week 17.

The Baroque Room in Amsterdam hosts several events each day 18.

The The Vampyrium in Amsterdam has a free chillout every month 19.

The New York Bar in New Jersey hosts many types of hangout events every month 20.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris hosts many indoor chillout times 21.

The Big Easy in San Francisco hosts many outdoor chillout days 22.

The Chateau in Brussels hosts many type of hangouts each week 23.

The Ritz in Paris has a number on a Friday night each month 24.

The Dockside in London has a variety on a Thursday night each year 25.

The Boiler Room in Chicago hosts several type of chillers each night 26.

The Café de Ville in Paris also hosts many nights each month 27.

The Cinque Terre in Lyon hosts many social events each week 28.

The Cafe du Nord in Lyon also hosts several kinds of chill events 29.

The Fondant in Paris host many events on a Tuesday night each night 30.

The Lounge in Madrid also hosts a selection of types on Sundays each week 31.

The Artesia in Madrid has a large variety of hang outs each month 32.

The Beach House in Barcelona has a selection on a weekend each year 33.

The Plaza de Mayo in Mexico City hosts many kinds of hang out each month 34.

The Le Corbusier in Paris hosted several chillouts each month 35.

The Prensa Libre in Barcelona hosted many types on each Saturday night 36.

The Largo in Barcelona also hosts one kind of hang event each week 37.

The La Palma in Barcelona host a variety every year 38.

The Sala de Barcelona in Madrid hosted many kind of chillups each month 39.

The Taverna in Barcelona is a great hangout spot every year 40.

The Green Room in Berlin also hosts various types on Saturdays each year 41.

The Parc in Paris is a good hangout for many types 42.

The Villa De L’Ouest in Paris usually hosts a wide variety of type events each weekend 43.

The Aragon Bar in London also hosts multiple types of events every week 44.

The Westin Hotel in New Amsterdam hosts a large number of types each week 45.

The Yacht Club in Barcelona normally hosts a mix of types every weekend 46.

The Royal Palace in Tokyo usually hosts various kinds of events on Saturday night 47.

The Club de Chatelet in Paris often hosts a huge variety of types of social events every weekend 48.

The Garden Club in Milan hosts many groups on a regular basis 49.

The Old Vic in London often hosts many kind-of hangouts every weekend 50.

The Palazzo di Vicentini in Milan usually hosts many sort-of chillouts every Saturday night 51.

The Palace in Paris generally hosts a big variety of kinds on weekends 52.

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