Why the steel pipe was not found inside the house

The mystery of why a steel pipe, thought to have been hidden in the basement, was never found remains.

It has been nearly two years since the discovery of the pipe in the kitchen of a house on a small street in the small town of Northampton, Massachusetts.

It is the only evidence the house was ever built, and was sealed from the outside world by a metal door.

But the pipe itself, and the steel frame that held it in place, has not been found.

So the story of why it was hidden in a room of the house is still being debated.

It was reported by the local television station that a local farmer found the pipe hidden under a pile of wood in the backyard of his home, but the farmer has since said that he never believed it was there.

“When I first saw the pipe, I thought it was a door in the house, but when I looked closer, I saw the frame underneath it,” said Bob Anderson, the farmer’s son.

“There were holes all over it, and a few of them were big enough for a cat to slip through.”

So, I went over and put a couple of screws in it and it was okay.

“The farmer said he believed the pipe was still there in a safe place, but was worried about finding it in the future.”

I thought, ‘what if I open it, I will find the pipe and open it and see what it is?'” said Bob.”

And I was so relieved that I did.

But the next day I went to the house to see if it was still on, and there was nothing.

“A man who lives in the neighborhood told ABC News that he was shocked to learn the pipe had been there for years.”

You just don’t expect something to be in a basement for like five years,” he said.”

It’s a huge hole, and it’s really a big hole.

I didn’t even think it would be there.

“The man told the station that he and his wife were told the pipe’s existence was a mystery by the county and that he had no idea who had buried it there.

The man also told ABC that the pipe wasn’t connected to any home in the area, and that it was the responsibility of whoever lived there to find it.”

If somebody wants to go out and dig up some old pipes, they are supposed to do it, but they didn’t do it.”

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