How to add a stainless steel pipe to a steel chair

By default, the chair you’ve got sitting in front of you has a plastic base that looks a bit like a stainless stepper motor.You might think it’s cool to use

How to get your nails sharp and ready for the winter season

It’s the cold weather, the snow, the rain, the heat, the cold.It’s all just the stuff that makes us a resilient people.But the next few weeks will see the return

A study of the safety of a stainless steel pipe

A study has revealed that a steel pipe made from fluted stainless steel can withstand a single gunshot injury and can be used to save lives.The study, conducted by a

Steel Pipe Chair is on the way to Dublin – RTÉ News

Steel Pipe chairs are on the horizon in Dublin, with the first to be made here.The steel pipe chairs are being designed by RTE, which will also supply the chair’s

Commercial steel pipe: The good, the bad and the ugly

Commercial steel pipes are used in a wide range of industries, from oil and gas pipelines to the electrical grid, and the use of steel pipes in manufacturing is increasing

Carbon steel pipe found near coal mine in South Australia

Source title Carbon fibre pipe found in South Australian mine near coal source News Corp Australia title Carbon fiber pipe found at South Australian coal mine near Black steel

How to build a steel drill-pipe pipe

Steel drill pipes have been around for centuries, but the first commercial uses for them were in the United States.These pipes can be used to cut through hard metals such

How much will the price of oil be if the U.S. shuts down?

The price of crude oil will soar after President Donald Trump signs a $1 trillion pipeline bill that would put a cap on U.K. output, a key component of the

“The Great Wall of China” trailer: What to expect from ‘The Great War’

As if the “The Wall of Ice” trailer weren’t already impressive enough, the “Great Wall of Chinese Steel” has been given a big makeover in the latest trailer for the

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